About Us

Prowell Helmets UK deliver innovative cycling headwear that enables a rider to stand out from the crowd while at the same time delivering a high level of protection, superior safety and comfort. We offer a unique range of bicycle helmets to the UK market. Using our S.M.A.R.T. manufacturing technology, Prowell Helmets are innovatively designed, light weight, compact and provide fantastic ventilation.

  • All our helmets meet CE EN1078 European safety/manufacturing standard

  • In a real world environment this technology allows the helmet to withstand impacts that can occur in cycle accidents, where cyclists may bounce or impact down and then slide into a roadside object or curb.

  • We strongly believe that our bicycle helmets are the safest on the market today due to the material used to produce the helmets. Prowell Helmets are made from EPU (Expanded PolyUrethane) material often used in bumpers of German manufactured vehicles. This is a dense, fine, uniform cell structure with a very solid feel. The vast majority of other bicycle helmets on the market are made from EPS material which is effectively thousands of polystyrene beads glued together. Prowell Helmets offer the 1st and only "DUAL-DENSITY" structure which means that the outer shell of the helmet has a harder density to resist and distribute any impact to a wider area. The soft inner density then absorbs the shock energy.

  • Strut padding improves the overall shock absorbing effect of the helmet and also delivers a secure and comfort fit.

  • LW5D Retention System has revolutionised the way a helmet fits the head. 2 way fit to secure the cycle helmet firmly in place comprises a 'ZIPPER' height adjuster as well as a 'DIAL' to adjust the retention. This fitting design ensures any one of our helmets fits the head safely and securely.

  • 3M Reflective Tape around all of our helmets as well as straps, provides extra, essential visibility from dusk till dawn.

  • SharkFin LED Light enables the cyclist to be seen with 360' visibility and has 3 LED settings. It's lightweight, quick release, 14g design can be attached to either the cycle helmet or the bike (or both!). * This is an additional product and is not included in the cost of the helmet with the exception of the F59 Vipor   **The F59 Vipor does come with a complimentary SharkFin Light