We are constantly looking at our products, how they fit in the UK and European market, how well they're selling and feedback from our customers. This includes re-introducing colours we've had in the past that were firm favourites and still have a place in our stores.

It's so important to offer our customers a good selection of styles and colours in both our adult and children's range which is why we aim to make changes every year to enhance our current products.

K800 Spark Butterfly2 The K800 Spark for kids is a very advanced cycle helmet that has all the technologies of the adult helmets we sell. For 2016 we have chosen the new Butterfly2 which is a pink pattern on white helmet design, to suit all ages.





 R6800 AirGlider Gradient Blue The R6800 AirGlider replaced the R66 Goshawk as our main road/pro cycle helmet. Currently we stock this in Gradient Red/Black/White but we've chosen to add the Gradient Blue to our range for more variety and choice for our road/pro customers.

R6800 Blue




 F59R Vipor FlyingWing Black (Gloss) This was a very popular colour in what is still our top selling road/race/xc cycle helmet. It's an alternative black in gloss to our ever popular matt black and deserves its place back in our stores. 

F59R Vipor Gloss Black