Tris purchased an F59 Vipor helmet from us in 2014. He has a mountain bike and was regularly out riding on and off road and always wearing his cycle helmet... thankfully! Below is his story.


January 2015, Norfolk

Tris was out cycling as usual and took a nasty tumble on his bike. He's very moderate about how much of a fall this actually was but the damage done was significant! Tris suffered an anterior dislocated shoulder a broken clavicle and fractured T1 transverse process of the spine. Quite impressive set of X-Rays (you can see these on our twitter account) @ProwellUK.


Since the accident, Tris has endured re-constructive surgery to put a plate and 5 bolts to hold it all together for a few months... more impressive X-Rays! The metal work was removed a few months later resulting in some nerve damage and numbness but overall, Tris is raring to get back onto his bike and enjoy what he loves most.


Tris was kind enough to share his story with us and keep us up to date on his progress through surgery and getting back in the saddle. He was even riding before all of his stitches were removed and was pleased that they remained intact! 'Glass half full' is his motto and we totally agree.


Amazing story and one which we may never have known about if it wasn't for Tris wearing a cycle helmet. His head was totally ok and that's what is crucial when thinking about bike safety. Tris wore our best selling F59 Vipor road helmet and this accident certainly put the helmet to the test.


Thank you so much for sharing this with us Tris and the very best of wishes from all at Prowell UK.