Prowell Sport Design are constantly looking at their products and coming up with new ideas in safety, durability, ventilation and superior fitting in our helmet designs. Just as important as this process is being able to offer our customers a good selection of cycle helmets in a variety of styles and colours. Below are some of the changes we have planned for the new year ahead...


Main Logo Change

Prowell have used their main logo for more than a decade. It was designed as a classic looking logo and has served the Prowell brand very well over the years. Branding is so important to get right but just as important is to stay fresh and current, which is why we have decided to make subtle changes to the logo for 2016. The original black on white font with the red border will be replaced with a simplistic white logo. On our white helmets, the logo will be presented in a slivery/white to stand out.


Changes to Existing Helmets

 The R66 Goshawk has had an update, with a new F66 Goshawk option. This helmet is super cool with all of the usual road helmet features but now comes with the visor too, to give our customers the option of using it for road or off road use  The F55 Phoenix has had some changes to its structure to make it even tougher than the original to help keep up with the popular F59 Vipor in the same series. The important thing with this change is that there will be no weight penalty with this improvement and the new model looks even smoother and more elegant  The X9 Bertil is such an important cycle helmet in the Prowell family. Its Xphere Concept gives all round protection against impacts from all directions, especially from the side and rear and has the hazard area removed from the back to help protect from off road/trail/mountain bike falls. The new 2016 version of the X9 has extended sides and even lower coverage but retains the ever important radial ventilation to promote comfort for the off road rider


New All-Pad System

The Prowell EPU Monobody is super strong and incredibly durable and so the padding system inside our helmets must be comfortable. 2016 sees a new 'Surround Comfort Pad' to improve the wear and feel of the our helmets even further. The contact area is larger inside the helmet to ensure all areas are covered. Customers can also purchase this replacement padding to enhance their existing Prowell helmets as we will sell it on our website as well as Amazon and EBay. There are 3 types of replacements available: Type A - F44; Type B - F55 + F59; Type C - X9 + K800 + C42


New Colours + Styles

SLICE - The new 'Slice' colours use an exclusive colouring technology to create a semi-matt finish to some of Prowells helmet range for 2016. It produces a very distinctive look that looks and feels quite different to the existing range. We will have this colour available in the F66, R66, F55, F44 and X9 range of helmets. BREEZE - This is a new low-profile and more classic colour change. Still the semi-matt finish but a little more subtle from a distance with more refined affect close up.